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runtime=1 Hour 34min.
Actors=Avinash Tiwary.
user rating=6,7 / 10 Star

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We as audience often accuse movies for stereotyping things and yet we ourselves expect stereotypical movies. Just because the story has a “chudail” element associate with it, it ought not be a horror movie. Bulbbul is not a horror movie (in the usual sense) and if you are planning to watch it because of its horror genre, you would be disappointed. Netflix too has to take some blame because the trailer gives a wrong impression about the movie’s genre.
Bulbbul is a movie set in late 19th century Bengal. The story is about a girl who is married into a rich Thakur family as a child, her ordeals as the “badi bahu” of the mansion and how she reacts to it. In parallel, there is a story about a supposed chudail in the forest nearby who is blamed for series of murders occurring around the mansion. No prize guessing the link between the two. As mentioned in the beginning, the story is less about horror element. It is more of a feminist commentary on the patriarchal society.
Tripti Dimri has a very mystical screen presence, expressing a lot though her smiles and eyes. (Though her dialogue delivery is not tested much here. The sets and cinematography are aptly vibrant (without being vulgarly overdone) with lots of colour hues. The narrative is engaging enough with three different timeline running intermixed with each other. But the problem is with the climax.
Such a story would typically three options as climax: 1) A “real” world ending that does away with supernatural element, 2) An ending that reasserts the supernatural elements of the movie, or 3) An ambiguous ending that leaves it to interpretation of the audience. This movies has gone forward with one of the extreme case but unfortunately the treatment is more like that of the other extreme. Perhaps the makers felt that the sympathy for the concerned protagonist needs to be reasserted. Moreover, the climax appears a bit rushed.
I wish I could had given it a higher rating but the climax let it down.

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